crane «krayn», noun, verb. craned, cran|ing.
1. a) a machine with a long, swinging arm, for lifting and moving heavy weights. SYNONYM(S): derrick. b) any one of various other kinds of machines that lift, such as a traveling crane.
2. a swinging metal arm in a fireplace, used to hold a kettle or pot over the fire.
3. a large wading bird with long legs, neck, and bill, such as the whooping crane and the sandhill crane of North America.
4. any one of various herons, especially the great blue heron.
1. to move by, or as if by, a crane.
2. to stretch (the neck) as a crane does, in order to see better: »

The little man craned his neck, trying to get a glimpse of the parade over the heads of the crowd.

1. to stretch the neck as a crane does, in order to see better: »

He was delighted to show them how fast it could go while they craned forward and chanted the rising figures (London Times).

2. Informal, Figurative. to hesitate at danger or difficulty.
3. to stop and look before a dangerous leap in hunting.
[Old English cran]
crane´like´, adjective.

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